The affected platform suffers for more than four months the closure of the ravine and sees no reason why the boarding area, once repaired, is not operational yet

The pier is key to the survival of many companies in the area that live on tourism. GIVES The platform affected by the closure of the Barranco de Masca, one of the most visited places in the northwest of Tenerife, requires the City of Buenavista the “imminent” opening of the jetty, once it has been repaired the fracture of the pillar of the footbridge damaged by a storm at the end of February. The group, made up of several companies that live mostly from tourism in the area, says that, after more than four months, the situation is unsustainable for more than 300 families, so it demands the Consistory to open “urgently” the point of embarkation and disembarkation of the walkers, an activity that generates a great economic movement in the whole area.

The companies Masca Express, Marítima Los Gigantes, Canaventura, Active Tourism, Digasports, Sun Holidays Tenerife and the Taxi Association of Santiago del Teide express their concern and discomfort and warn that the Barranca de Masca is their main source of work. “If it remains closed, there are no reasons, we will have no alternative but to send personnel to work,” they say from Masca Express, which has four ships and more than 45 employees. “The problems have been solved and the work that originated the closure has already been delivered,” recalls the Taxi Association of Santiago del Teide, formed by 34 units and more than 50 professionals. Marítima Los Gigantes, which has been collecting hikers for more than 30 years in Masca Bay, confirmed yesterday that it has been forced to fire personnel and stop one of its boats.

The departure route in kayak from Masca to Los Gigantes offered by Active Tourism represents 50% of the total business volume of the activities of this company, while from Sun Holidays, which serves since 1993, it is stressed that the ravine “no it is neither more nor less dangerous than 25 years ago. ” Other companies, such as Digasports or Canaventura, recognize that since February they are struggling to survive.

The City Council of Buenavista del Norte decided to close the ravine on February 26, after eight German tourists had to be rescued when they were isolated due to the action of a storm that also caused serious damage to the pier. More than four months later, companies run out of patience. Their survival is at stake.